Bitron P900 Petrol Power Treatment

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900 will oxygenate and improve the burn characteristics of leaded and unleaded petrol regardless of the fuel’s octane rating (RON).

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Lubrication in the petrol fuel is very low; the initial fuel treatment to be 4 ml Bi-tron P900 Petrol Power per Litre Fuel for the first 2 Tanks in Small tanks ( 3 L Bi-tron Treatment to 1000 L Fuel; larger fuel tanks) to help to condition the fuel & put the lubrication back into the fuel. You should change the fuel filter/s after burning about 500 L of Fuel in Large Tanks & after burning 2 to 3 Tanks on Small Tanks, when you first start using the Bi-tron.

Continued treatments of the Fuels with Bi-tron Petrol P900 at 2mls. Bi-tron to 1 L Fuel (small tanks) & 2 L Bi-tron to 1000 L Fuel (larger tanks). Bi-tron Fuel Treatments maintains the fuel to “Premium Fuel Condition” for maximum bur n, and a possible 90% reduction in Exhaust Pollution Emissions.
Bi-tron Fuel Treatments are the only Products which will lubricate the Top End of the Engine ( Top Piston Ring: Cylinder Walls and Valves). Bi-tron will work under the extreme heat and pressure of the combustion chamber.

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 30 × 15 cm





Fuel Management, Maintenance


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