Aquamarine Repair Services offers a wide range of services including gearbox servicing which is commonly referred to as “sterndrive” servicing.

Specialising in many popular brands including:

  • Mercruiser gearbox repair
  • Volvo gearbox repair
  • Twin Disc gearbox repair
  • ZF gearbox repair

Make the most out of your gearbox service

Regular maintenance on your engine and boat will help your vessel run at its optimum performance and greatly reduce the expenses of the boat overall.

Maintenance procedures are aimed at preventing wear and tear on the engine. During a maintenance service of a gearbox (or sterndrive), it is important that the drive is cleaned, lubricated, and adjusted and an overall inspection of the drive for damage, corrosion or any other likely problems is carried out.

We recommend that you service your boat’s engine and legs yearly as this keeps the engines in better condition so that they will last longer and will not have as many unexpected breakdowns.

Aquamarine – Engine and gearbox specialists

At Aquamarine Repair Services we can not only provide the servicing of your engine and gearbox, but we can also organise the lift-outs and lift-ins for the convenience of our clients.

Using the latest Marine Engine Diagnostic System, we can identify issues with your engine more efficiently, getting you out on the water faster.

This software also allows us to run a full diagnostic test accompanied by a comprehensive report detailing the history of your engine, from the number of hours on your engine to the last time you did an oil change. We really are the engine and gearbox specialists, so you should expect nothing but the best from our mobile boat repair services.

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September 9, 2022

The Most Common Boating Maintenance Issues & How to Avoid Them

Written with  360 Boat Finance Aquamarine Repair Services & 360 Boat Finance look at some of the common problems with boats and how to avoid them. Getting out on the water is an incredible feeling, and one we boat owners know all too well. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of setting off from the jetty and motoring out to sea to let the sun and the salt air wash away all your troubles. Now, while this is an idyllic picture, we do need to point out that in order for there to be a successful day on the water, you