Bitron Genesis D110 Fuel Efficient Diesel Treatment

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This makes Bitron Genesis Advanced Diesel Treatment the first truly Intelligent Fuel Solution. Treating the diesel bug as well as breaking down the finest metals that filters can’t filter. Increasing the life of the diesel parts and reducing maintenance costs.

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Lubrication in the diesel fuel is very low; the initial fuel treatment to be 4 ml Bi-tron D110 per Litre Fuel for the first 2 Tanks in Small tanks to help to condition the fuel & put the lubrication back into the fuel. You should change the fuel filter/s after burning about 500 L of Fuel in Large Tanks & after burning 2 to 3 Tanks on Small Tanks, when you first start using the Bi-tron.

Continued treatments of the Fuels with Bi-tron D110 at 2mls. Bi-tron to 1 L Fuel (small tanks) & 2 L Bi-tron to 1000 L Fuel (larger tanks). Bi-tron Fuel Treatments maintains the fuel to “Premium Fuel Condition” for maximum bur n, and a possible 90% reduction in Exhaust Pollution Emissions.

Bi-tron Fuel Treatments are the only Products which will lubricate the Top End of the Engine (Top Piston Ring: Cylinder Walls and Valves). Bi-tron will work under the extreme heat and pressure of the combustion chamber.

Even though the Bi-tron D110 will work on any Machine, the Bi-tron D110 has been especially designed to operate with machinery using Computerised Fuel Management Systems.

Adding the Bi-tron Fuel Treatments, EP20 Engine Treatment & EP40 in combination for MAXIMUM fuel saving & MAXIMUM Exhaust Pollution Emission Reduction.

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